Garden Party Tent Hire

Garden Party Tent Hire

If you are planning a wedding, a birthday party or just a long overdue family get together, have you considered hiring a tent? While during the winter, it may not be the smartest direction to head in, during the summer a unique atmosphere can be created with a garden party tent hire.


Your guests are likely to be shocked at how professional your informal get together appears. And the secret is that while it all looks very expensive, provided you put the right amount of thought into the following three categories you can actually hire a pretty spectacular tent without spending an arm and a leg.


A lot of people greatly underestimate the size of the garden party tent hire that they require. This is because they often make arrangements to hire the tent before they know exactly who is coming. It is a common fact that guest lists tend to bet bigger more often than they get smaller so plan accordingly. The price of hiring a tent is surprisingly minimally affected by its size so you should aim to get as big a tent as your garden will allow. Many people suggest that eight to ten feet per person is about right but if your garden cannot accommodate that size of tent then you can still throw a fantastic party provided you choose an open style tent which I will discuss in the next section


This is an aspect of tent hire that people often get wrong and doing so can easily destroy an event. There are many things to consider. The first thing is that if you are packing more guests in than is recommended(one guest per eight to ten square feet) than by choosing an open style tent people are likely to feel a lot less cramped. At the same point however you need to consider the weather. An open style tent is not particularly suited to rain. While all tents will obviously provide shelter, if you think that rain is a possibility, I would always advise getting at least a semi enclosed tent to prevent your guests from getting wet.


There is a wide variety of styles and prices on offer in the area of garden party tent hire. As you can imagine the more aesthetically pleasing the higher the price. Simple peaked squares can come pretty cheap but if you would like a tent that looks like a little cottage complete with windows and even curtains, the dollars do tend to add up. My primary piece of advice is that if you are on a budget you should always stick with white. It makes even the cheapest event look professional. Also it should be remembered that due to the natural properties of the colour, it always leads to the best temperatures inside the tent, neither too hot nor too cold.