Types of Tents Available To Hire

Types of Tents Available To Hire

Tent hire is big business nowadays and therefore where there is profit there is generally a wide variety of options available. Some call it capitalism; others call it confusion, as they stare at the endless options and try to make what can only be an uninformed decision.


If you are new to tent hire but want to hire a tent for your event or party, there are three main categories of types of tents available to hire which I will now outline.

Framed Marquees

These tents are made of aluminium and do not require any supporting poles. This is obviously highly advantageous if you are limited in the space category and therefore want to make the most of what you've got. The aluminium frames and canvas walls are also highly durable and weather proof and therefore for many they are the natural choice when hiring a tent during the winter months. Added to these advantages, they are held down by weights as opposed to pegs, therefore they are suited to pretty much all surfaces from soil to concrete.

Canopy Style

These tents are far more of a summer option due to their general lighter weight and open sides. The open sides allow your event to take full advantage of the summer air and breeze and your tent is virtually guaranteed to remain cool regardless of the weather. They also can withstand light rain contrary to many people's opinions. Unlike framed marquees however they are attached to the ground using pegs and hence they are unsuited to hard or overly sandy surfaces. This combined with its unsuitability for winter weather means that this style of tent is primarily hired for summer garden parties. Although it is not as versatile as other types, it is the best choice for this specific application and as this is one of the most common reasons for tent hire, canopy style tents are the most frequently hired of all tents.

High Peak Party Tents

Many people claim that this type of tent leads to the advantages of both of the above mentioned styles. These tents are almost as durable as framed marquees but also offer the elegance and style of  canopy tents as they possess very high ceilings and this tends to make events that utilise them seem classy and professional even if the tent was in fact hired on a budget. The one thing to remember though is that these tents are not as weather proof as framed marquees and therefore framed marquees remain the favourite for tent hire during the winter season.

So in conclusion the above three styles are the three types of tents available to hire that are the most popular. By considering the advantages of each and your exact needs, you should be more than capable of entering the store with a far less confused look on your face.