Cheap Tent Hire

Cheap Tent Hire

Should you be planning on cheap tent hire you obviously still want to hire a tent that looks professional. Provided you make accurate assessments of your needs in three key areas your guests are unlikely to know that you hosted the event on a limited budget.


Like hiring many products on a budget, the key understands the exact intended application of the product, figuring out the exact requirements from this understanding and then hiring the cheapest product that you can find that meets all of these requirements. The thing to remember is that what your event lacks in finance it can make up for in planning. Therefore make sure that you do a lot of thinking on the following three categories.


Just because you don't intend on cheap tent hire does not mean that you can't get a tent that leads to a beautiful and professional event you just need to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. For a start, provided you stick with white, your event will be bright and airy. There are a lot of tents that are designed to look just like little cottages. These can however be quite expensive. You should still be able to afford to get a tent with peaked squares and faux gazebos and these often look just as good. If you are a little worried, balloons and lights are generally very inexpensive additions to the atmosphere and they can add quite a lot in the aesthetics department.


This is sadly not an area where you can save too much money. If you choose a tent that is too small, your guests will be cramped. Therefore you need to allow eight to ten square feet per guest and this does not include room to dance or to serve food. You are also likely to find that the difference in the price of hiring a tent is more based upon the type of the tent and the looks department as opposed to a bit of extra square footage, therefore it is actually kind of pointless to try to cut corners here.


The decision over the level of protection is often a bit of a gamble when considering cheap tent hire. If you are expecting a bright summer day then hiring a fully enclosed tent will remove a lot of the fresh air and the ambience of being outside on a summer day. Since you are planning to do this on the cheap, then minimising the protection not only saves you money but it also allows you to fully take advantage of the sunlight and summer air which is of course completely free. However, should your gamble go wrong and it begins to rain well I guess you can imagine what you are then. Nobody enjoys parties where they get wet. Therefore if you think there is a possibility of rain I would advice that you hire partially enclosed tent. A partially enclosed tent can handle a bit of rain (not a blizzard) and yet will allow a lot of sunlight in should you be lucky to get it.