Tent Hire UK

Tent Hire UK

When considering tent hire there are a number of important decisions that need to be made to ensure that you hire the correct tent for your event. For a start there are many different types of tents available each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


Then you need to consider size and you would be surprised at how difficult this can be to estimate and then you need to consider how to handle the dreaded UK weather. Provided you put a little thought into it however and manage to make an accurate assessment of your needs in the following three key areas you should be able to find a tent that will make your event a resounding success.


When investigating the correct size of tent that you require, the most important thing to remember is a tent that is too small can obviously causes many problems, but no guest will ever leave complaining that the tent was too big. Therefore in my opinion, hire the biggest that your wallet can afford, provided it fits in your venue. The suggested size for a tent is eight to ten square feet per person. Don't forget to include catering staff and the possibility that your guests may want to dance however.


I generally think that white is the best colour no matter what you are looking to hire the tent for. It suits all occasions, takes in a lot of light and doesn't magnify the heat leaving your guests sweaty and uncomfortable. There are however many colours available. As for the shape of the tent, there is a very wide variety available in this area also. You can opt for a tent that simply has peaked squares or you can find tents that look exactly like little cottages together with windows. I also find that if your event is at night, the lighting is even more important so make sure you put equal consideration into this. If the correct choice is made here it is possible to create a very intimate and romantic atmosphere.


This area can be a bit of a gamble. You can opt for fully enclosed, partially enclosed or completely open tents. The more enclosed your tent the less of an effect the weather will have. If you are expecting rain or are just very worried that it may rain, then perhaps you should choose a fully enclosed tent. Nowadays, a fully enclosed tent will guard against pretty much anything short of a blizzard and provided the tent is large enough your guest's wont feel claustrophobic. If you are packing a lot of people into a small space than a more open tent could be a better idea. Remember that a lot of people hire a tent for an event because they want to enjoy the sunshine and the more open the tent the more sunshine that will be let in. Also if you wish to feel a summer breeze the open style obviously enables you to experience this however it all depends on how brave you are. Remember an open tent and rain sadly do not make an enjoyable event.