Tent Hire Wales

Tent Hire Wales

Wales is a beautiful country to go camping in. In my opinion some of the best spots to go camping in the UK are within the countries borders. If you are a regular camper than you probably own your own tent however if you go camping rarely or if your next trip will in fact be


your first experience of the activity than maybe you are looking to find info about tent hire in Wales. I have been camping many times and there are two mistakes that people always make when choosing a tent to go camping in. People always forget the importance of portability and they always bring tents that are just too small. Remembering these two mistakes should enable you to hire a tent that will aid rather than challenge your camping trip.

Portability is the one of the first things I always consider when choosing a tent. There is such a vast array of materials used in tent construction nowadays that buying a tent that almost breaks your back just so that you can have room to stand up in it should be a thing of the past. If you have any intention of using any form of public transportation in order to get to your campsite, portability should be one of your first concerns. If you intend on moving around a lot with your tent I would advise you to even consider getting a smaller tent just so that you can make it easier. I absolutely love going through the mountains and setting up camp wherever I see a nice place but hiking with a massive Rock on my back isn't exactly what I would call fun.

The next thing to consider is the size of your tent hire in Wales. While a two person tent is fine for two people to go to sleep in, spending all day in two person tent can lead to arguments. Also a two person tent is a lot better for a couple to sleep in than two friends. Therefore I always advice people to hire a tent that is one person bigger than the amount of people in the party. The slight increase in weight and price can lead to a massive decrease in move over or I'm going to kill you threats. There is also the small fact sadly Wales in all its beauty gets a lot of rain and when you spend a couple of daylight hours stuck in a tent that extra bit of space can be a wonderful thing.

So in conclusion, Wales is a beautiful country to go camping in. If you are not a regular camper than tent hire in Wales makes a lot of sense. However, even though you won’t have it very long, it’s important to make the right choice. Your tent will either be on your back or it will be your temporary home, therefore it has a big effect on the quality of your holiday, therefore choose wisely