Tent Hire

Tent Hire

If you are planning an event in the near future, upon researching the various venues available you may have heard a few whispers about tent hire. Nowadays everyone is a little short of cash so although people still want to celebrate important events such as birthdays and anniversaries, they want to do so as cheaply as possible.


Tent hire is a very easy way to save a bit of cash on your event. The price of hiring a tent is a fraction of what it costs to hire a bar or a hotel conference room and not only that but tent hire leads to other savings too. You need to remember that if your guests are drinking alcohol that you have bought at the supermarket and eating food that you have cooked yourself, you will save a lot of money on food and alcohol also. There is also the fact that a party held at your own home will always be more personal and will appear like you have made more of an effort. If you are lucky enough to get a sunny day, then tent hire will provide a far nicer environment for your party than some stuffy hotel conference room anyway and you are therefore getting a better venue and saving money.

If you want to make sure that you do indeed get a better venue however you do need to be a bit careful in two key areas. The first is the size of the tent that you hire. It is generally recommended that each guest needs about seven square feet. Please also note that this applies to standing guests only, if you want people to sit down you need to double that figure. Also your event won't be all that interesting without the all important alcohol, food and music. A buffet or beverage station will require about one hundred square feet per person and a DJ table will be about the same. If you decide to have a DJ then there's a fair chance that people will want to dance so this will require another five square feet for each person that dances. It is usually safe to assume that no more than half of your guests will be dancing at the same time so you don't need to provide that much space for everyone.

The next area that you need to be a bit careful about is protecting your guests should it rain. I therefore advise that you avoid open style tent hire. While on a sunny day you want to let as much light and fresh air in as possible, should it rain your event will surely be ruined. Therefore I recommend either a closed or semi-closed tent depending on the weather that you are expecting. A semi-closed tent wont completely keep out the rain but it won't be a disaster either and it will allow a lot of light in should it turn out to be sunny.

So in conclusion, tent hire is a fraction of the cost of hiring a brick and mortar venue and you can provide your own food and alcohol. It is therefore a far cheaper alternative. Provided you are careful about the above two points, I reckon it's a highly clever way to save a bit of cash.